10/24/2011 - Site Updates for October 24th

Well finally here working on this site again, made some chages with the domain looks, and a few other minor changes.. bring the forum back as well.. this time i am gonna make it a keeper, since IPB3 sucks to me, and prefer 2.3 better.

7/19/2008 - Site Updates for July 19th

To celabrate my first permorance in 5 years, with Metalica - Nothing Else Matters on Karokee, i have decided to add the song to the site, so enjoy!

6/22/2008 - Site Updates for June 22th

Theme change for the site, to Lacuna Coil - Closer and Gallery is ready to rock and roll!

6/20/2008 - Site Updates for June 20th

The about section has been added and is the best i want it, at this point, will update it more soon.

6/16/2008 - Site Updates for June 16th

Totday plans will be, to finally get the About Me section up for the site, which will include, many different sections to really get a eye on the things i like and don't like and more.

6/15/2008 - Site Updates for June 15th

Todays update so far, would be the download area, added two new download section, One for Buzzen Full Scripts the other is mirc Addons. Will there be more download sections? Time will tell.

6/14/2008 - Site Updates for June 14th

Forum area is about as set as i want to make it, Your gonna notice the new iframe for the news page! So now i can add more news instead of dealing with a cluster.

6/13/2008 - Site Updates for June 13th

Added two new logo's to the forum, thanks to Death Dealer for making these logos for me.

6/11/2008 - Site Updates for June 11th

Added Akon's - Easy Road Theme, changed how the links work on the site, started the forum which should be back soon, this one will be a suprise on the new layout when i am done with it, will take time though, so please be patient, while i get the forum ready, another note i would like to add is, Some of the links do not work on the site, i am still building and thinking how i want to build it.

6/10/2008 - More new things here..

If you look on the menu your gonna see a new moon icon next to each clicker, and then the favicon has a skull, Its all part of this gothic turn thats been coming on me more everyday!

More new things added, including how the site is totally alligned, now with sub domains. and some suprises.

6/9/2008 - Welcome to the Upgrade of JeremyStCyr.com...

Red and Black Attack is still in Beta Testing and Site will be complete sooner or later, and more added to the new layout in time.